Custom Order

Are you looking for an ethnic attire that will make you look stunning and express your personal style to the fullest? Sartaj has the answer!  

Our custom-made for you with uncompromising attention to your perception. We believe your experience is just as important as the results. You’ll leave feeling confident — with a masterpiece tailored just for you.

1. We suggest you to make an Appointment because it gives us time to discuss about your vision, theme, budget, style, etc. However, walk-ins are also welcome. If you are unable to make a walk-in appointment, we can do a virtual call, and we can share images of fabric, embroidery, etc.

2. Custom orders are delivered anywhere from 2-3 months.

3. We have a unique custom order process where you can select different shades, patterns, material, embroidery, and other details as per your choice. Once you have finalized with your selection, we will construct a mock-up for you. Mock-up helps you to visualize the attire.

4. We will commence the custom work once 50% of the payment is received.


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